The Iron Range Case Against Rick Nolan

Let’s face it, do we here, in the eighth district, really want a congressman (or woman) whose idea of freedom is Obamacare and gun registration? 

Yet this is what we have in our current congressman, Rick Nolan. Time after time he has been against us on these issues. He is so pro-Obamacare that he thinks it doesn’t give the government enough control. Think about that. Our government, with it’s bloated bureaucracies, massive debt, and overpaid politicians. Those people who are doing so well on Obamacare already? Yeah, Rick Nolan wants them to have more control over healthcare. 

On guns, he isn’t any better. Banning certain types of ammunition, and firearms; he’s into that. Implying that our second amendment rights should be determined by what we need to hunt ducks? Yup, did that too. Supporting the centralizing of records on long gun owners? Check.  

Gun rights and healthcare are two things that are very important to us Up North. Healthcare because we care about our families and their well being. Guns, because they’re part of life and, at times, a sustainer of life. Rick Nolan is not who we need representing us. 

We can do better


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