From MPR: Mills says Nolan supports too many regulations

Mark Zdechlik Sep 12, 20140

Republican Stewart Mills at Caughey Family Farm in Fort Ripley Mark Zdechlik/ MPR News

Republican Stewart Mills visited a dairy farm south of Brained today to call attention to what he says are problems with the federal government overregulating businesses, including family farms.

Earlier this week the House passed a bill that would prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers from redefining which waters it can regulate under the Clean Water Act. Farmers worry without the protection federal regulators will be more intrusive.

DFL U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan voted against the bill.  Mills said he should have supported it. He also criticized Nolan for voting to tax carbon emissions, a measure contained in a budget plan put forward by the House Progressive Caucus.

“Rick Nolan has cast some very bad votes in direct opposition to what his district needs,” said Mills.  “He’s voted for the carbon tax, and he’s also voted to have the EPA regulate our family farms to the point that it would be devastating to them.”

Nolan’s responded in a statement issued by his campaign.

“It’s unfortunate to learn that Stewart Mills doesn’t care about clean water in northern Minnesota. Keeping our lakes, rivers, and streams clean is critical to tourism jobs, fishing, our health, and our way of life,” Nolan said.

“Tea Party claims against this EPA rule are outrageous, untrue, and have been disproven time and time again by groups like the League of Conservation Voters and the National Wildlife Federation,” he added. “I am not afraid to stand up to the EPA when I believe it’s gone too far, but this is not one of those times. Calling this an overreach is nothing but helpless fear-mongering.”

Mills said he does not oppose what he called “common sense regulatory oversight.” 

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