Randy Gilbert: Rebecca Otto is “anti-mining

September 11, 2014Updated Sep 11, 2014 at 11:44 PM CDT

DULUTH, Minn. (NNCNOW.com) — After trouncing Matt Entenza in a heated DFL primary, Minnesota State Auditor Rebecca Otto is now sparring with her Republican opponent, Randy Gilbert.

As the November election nears, the two major candidates for Minnesota State Auditor are stumping for votes as they run for the state office that is the watchdog over twenty billion tax-payer dollars in Minnesota.

“As State Auditor, you are there to protect the taxpayer’s best interest. That is your job,” Otto said.

Otto is running for her third term as State Auditor and is promoting her experience that has received national recognition.

“Our current State Auditor receives money, endorsements, and backings from the very entities that she is supposed to audit,” Gilbert said. “In the private sector, that gets you fired.”

Gilbert says his background of 25 years as an accountant and auditor will better serve the taxpayers of Minnesota.

“That knowledge and experience of an accountant and as an auditor doesn’t exist right now and I think that is very critical,” Gilbert added.

Gilbert says Otto is anti-mining, pointing to Otto’s vote against nonferrous mineral leases as a member of the state Executive Council .

“I voted no to bring attention to the fact that I’m concerned, that as a state, we don’t get saddled with a lot of financial liabilities in the future if we were to do this type of mining,” Otto said. “So my vote, and my stance, has created greater transparency around the damage deposit. There really wasn’t any, but now the DNR has built it in.”

Otto says she is not anti-mining, but Gilbert says Otto’s vote proves she is.

“Now she is double backing on this issue, saying that “I’m not anti mining.” Well, that vote is exactly anti mining because this is the start of the process. When you vote no, you stop the process from going forward,” Gilbert said.

Nick Minock

Article originally appeared at: http://www.northlandsnewscenter.com/elections/En-274827781.html


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