Stewart Mills: “Rick Nolan Doesn’t Want You to Keep Your Plan.”


There’s a lot of gridlock and disagreement in Washington these days, but one thing we can agree on across the aisle is that the rollout of Obamacare has been a disaster. It’s been pretty bad in Minnesota too – it’s expected that health insurance premiums will go up by about 47% in our state, and that could be even higher in some 8th District counties.

But Rick Nolan loves Obamacare. In fact, he thinks it’s a great first step to a government-run, single payer health system. A government takeover of that size means there’s no more competition to drive costs down. It means higher premiums, higher deductibles, higher co-pays and less access to the health care services we need.

It’s pretty simple. Socialism doesn’t work. Consumerism does.

Rick Nolan is so set on his government run health plan that he won’t do anything to help Minnesotans back home who are being hurt right now by Obamacare. Do you remember – “If you like your plan you can keep it”? That was the PolitiFact 2013 Lie of the Year as millions of Americans found out that they actually couldn’t keep the health care plans they liked.

And just last week, Rick Nolan voted against a bill that would allow Americans to keep their healthcare plans. He’d rather his constituents lose the plans they like and get forced into more expensive plans on MNsure, the Minnesota health insurance marketplace set up through Obamacare.

But some news from yesterday makes Rick Nolan’s vote from last week even more troubling.

Preferred One, the insurance company with the lowest rates and most customers, said Tuesday that they’re no longer going to be offering plans through MNsure. And because of that, insurance premiums could drastically go up even higher for everyone else who is now forced to get a plan through MNsure. 

A more honest line for Democrats to say would have been: “If you like your plan, you’ll have to get rid of it and get a much more expensive one you don’t like or want instead.” The point of health care reform should be to lower costs and increase access to health care services for all Americans. Instead, Obamacare just keeps reducing access and increasing costs across the board. We need to repeal, and replace this law with free-market based solutions that will get us back on track toward real health care reform.

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