Editor’s Thoughts: Rick Nolan is a Terrible Person

That might sound like a harsh thing to say, but Rick Nolan and his Democratic allies are absolutely despicable in their attacks against Stewart Mills. The most laughable is Nolan’s insistence on calling Mills, Stewart Mills III. Mr. Nolan, my dad is a 3rd, sharing his name with my grandfather and great-grandfather. Would you insist on using the number on the end of their name to attack their character? I doubt it. The only reason for this is a cheep liberal cut; trying to make Stewart out to be some sort of Scrooge McDuck. The sad fact is that, one minute with Stewart is enough to see that he is the exact opposite. He is a family guy who is involved in his community and who helps run a business that is deeply ingrained in our Minnesota way of life. Rick Nolan has so little to show us that he is forced to make obscenely untruthful attacks against Stewart while knowing that he has taken unpopular positions on Obamacare, late term abortions and higher regulations on jobs our community needs. Enough, Rep. Nolan. It’s time for change.


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